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Loyal Ahrefs fan. ? Why is content marketing important? Examples Content Marketing Tips Content marketing helps you attract. engage. convert. and retain customers you might not otherwise be able to reach. And its never been more popular — if youre not doing it. chances are your competitors are already doing it This guide helps you understand what content marketing is. how to explain its benefits to your marketing peers. and how to get start. Weve also gather ideas and advice from content marketing experts to give you the best start in and beyond.

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We includeWhat is content marketing? Why is content marketing so important? Common Objections to Content Marketing + types of content marketing Examples of Effective Content Marketing Content Marketing Pro Phone Number List Tips You Can Use This Year What is content marketing? Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing content to attract and retain customers. so you can increase revenue and ultimately grow your business. At Ahrefs. our content marketing strategy is simple yet effectivewe create in-depth blog posts and YouTube videos that teach potential and existing customers how to use our tools to solve problems and increase website traffic. We rely primarily on SEO to drive qualifi traffic to our website.

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Organic visits per monthBlogs and YouTube work with Ahrefs. but there are many more content marketing formats you can use depending on your audience. resources. and goals more on that below. Why is content marketing important? Content marketing EX Mobile Phone Numbers is an opportunity to attract. engage. convert. and retain customers. We know of at least five compelling reasons to invest in itCreate awareness and attract potential customers cribility Convert customers Build loyalty and retention Content marketing has compounding benefits and is cheap in the long run Ill use an example to illustrate how Ahrefs does content marketing the examples section below will find more content from different industries.

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