Where there is nothing concrete?

Tics Code to the Site Unfortunately, creating or having a website is not the end of everything. If we cannot meet our targets, if our phone rings less than before, if our sales have not increased, if we do not constantly bring new and new things to our e-mail address, it means there are deficiencies somewhere. Analyzing is in the nature of every job. Even the shoe shiner has to keep track of the heaviest pedestrian traffic, the multitude of people dressed in sports and classic clothes, and those in urgent need of shine.

Knowing that he does not sell at certain times of the day

The grocer determines his own break hours or the length of his break hours according to this interval. So how do we analyze our sites in the virtual world Search engines BING, Yandex and Google, which we Last Database currently use the most, serve us in this regard with their webmaster tools. Of course, if you have your analysis done by ,a webmaster and you are satisfied with the tracking reports, there is no problem. But if you do this job yourself to avoid incurring costs, you will still get help. Although their basic logic is the same, in this article we will be talking about the analysis service that Google offers us.

Google offers you all its services with a single username and password

Last Database

Whether you use Analytics, business or webmasters services, open a YouTube channel or use the Gmail email service… Everything is in one account… In this case, the first thing we need to Italy Phone Number List l do is to get a Google account.. .You don’t need to know the short link of Analytics. Google, which solves the problem without saying anything, will help you a ot in this regard.

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