How is cmmi certification obtained

Learn what your company must do to obtain. Certification and the benefits it will bring to the organization. Enrique roman mar this. Article was review. And march to provide you with more useful and up-to-date information. The certification has attractive benefits that many companies aspire to, such as increascustomer satisfaction, increased sales and profitability. But how to obtain this certification. Reading time: minutes what will you find in this article? What is ? The benefits of “certification”. Is consulting r Stages to implement and obtain certification. Implementation and preparation of the benchmark evaluation.

Model made up of globally accepted good practices

That allow the capacity and performance of organizations to. Be improand enha With more effective processes are and implemen And capabilities are developat the organizational level that allow companies to obtain consistent and. Measurable results. Practices are groupnto various management domains such as development and. Services , among others. This model is organized into. Maturity levels , in each of which specific practices are implemented to develop  Israel WhatsApp Data   apabilities cumulatively. As the company’s capabilities to manage its processes and projects grow, the greater quality control they are able to have. Maturity levels it is important to clarify that, implemenpractices is “evaluad by maturity level and mastery.

This evaluation is officially called benchmark

Evaluaastion and must be carried out by partners and. Lead appraisers certified by I (association that manages thei model) . The benefits of “Certification”. The prestige gained from evaluation is not the only benefit that organizations obtain when they  Japan Whatsapp Number  implement and evaluate themselves in the model. If your company obtains a cmmi maturity level, it also achieves: be a better supplier: your clients get a committed supplier that monitors and controls their processes to deliver a service or product of higher quality than the market average. More satisfied and loyal customers: the delivery effective processes that reduce waste.

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