What is and how to obtain it in your organization

Larn what I is: the most important information security. Standard, structure, benefits and. The phases for its successful implementation. Is luis lomeli mar this post. Was originally published on and has been updated onto provide you with improved and up-to-date content. Currently, certification in the is standard is one of the most important, not only in companies dedicated to technology, but for the market in. General and especially in businesses and those that handle sensitive information of

This article we will address what the iso standard is, its objectives

And structure, as well as the phases to implement it in you.R company and obtain certification with its important. Security, operational and commercial benefits. Reading time: minutes what will you find in this article? What is of the standard structure of the s standard introductory: clauses 3 mandatory: clauses security controls: annex a what type of companies is iso certification for? Benefits of how to obtain iso certification 1. Prior to the projec. Definition and implementation of the is.  Execution   Iraq WhatsApp Data  of the audit . Publication of the certificate validity and recertification obtain certification in your organization wat is iso iso/iec is the standard focused on information security in organizations. It contains the best practices  adequately evaluate and treat information security risks of any type, sector or size of organization.

Should be noted that the iso standard is not only a cybersecurity standard

But also seeks to evaluate the risks and protection of all types of information that the company has, both in digital and paper computer systems, so the  Germany Whatsapp Number  standard it also includes security controls, procedures and processes to keep physical information properly protected. Work team using the company’s information and data securely with the iso standard seeks to comply with the three basic principles for information security management : confidentiality: protection of data that prevents unauthorized access or disclosure and theft. Integrity: ensuring that data is not modified where they require it.

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