Businessman, computer scientist and philanthropist

Heis one of the founders of the microsoft company. And one of the creators of the windows operating system.. “If you wake up in the morning and. Think that the future is going to be better, it’s a good day. Otherwise, it won’t be.” it is a question of attitude. That is what the penultimate sentence of our phrases for entrepreneurs tells us. Your future depends largely on what you do to make your way. And the entrepreneur is. Characterized by having a positive attitude, as we said before, even seeing opportunities where others only see problems. Furthermore, life is short and the. Opportunities to succeed are scarce due to the high competition in the markets.

Thinking about unconstructive thoughts

Starting the day reluctantly will only waste your precious time. Elon musk. Physicist, entrepreneur and inventor. Co-founder of innovative companies such as paypal, tesla and spacex. . “inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” inspiration is always around and the great master .Picasso said that to find it we must be working. Because one thing leads to another: if you   Brazil WhatsApp Data  are active, the ideas will come by themselves. Inspiration won’t fall from the sky or you’ll come up with something new if you sit around waiting. How do you find the inspiration that helps you create each day? Some people, when they feel stuck, switch tasks or do a completely different activity , like drawing.

For example, photographers seek inspiration for their projects

Dy looking at photographs on the internet, books and magazines. They are inspired by analyzing what the best have done. Keep your mind active, many  Indonesia Whatsapp Numbet  imes the craziest and most innovative ideas arise from something you had been developing for a while or that already exists on the market. Pablo picasso. He was a painter and sculptor, one of the creators of cubism. Recognized for his participation. In different movements and his great influence .On other great artists. What do you think of these inspiring phrases? ¿are you agree with them? We hope that they have an effect on you and that you share these phrases for entrepreneurs with your colleagues. We cultivate entrepreneurial discipline.

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