Rreasons to participate in startup contests and apply for funding sources

For some years now, Chile has been fertile ground. for startup competitions, accelerators, incubators and. competitive funds to support .entrepreneurs and, specifically, technological entrepreneurship. Table of Contents 1. Learn to adapt your presentation to the target audience 2. Practice your pitch and the art of making a good presentation in front of a panel of investors. Get feedback about the idea and business model. Formalize the business and organize accounting . Find a mentor 6. Expand your network of contacts and learn from other entrepreneurs . Meet potential clients. Be connected to the market and trends . Get diffusion for your business .

Find collaborators, partners, suppliers or even a co-founder

Since the idea of ​​creating, today, arose back in, we have applied to. several funds, Capital, and we have won some. We also participate in various startup competitions such as , Geek Camp or Startup . Through this process we have learned. and identified reasons that go beyond the direct. monetary benefit and that over time show you that it is worth investing time and energy in these activities. Below we present reasons to participate in contests and apply for financing funds for startups. 1. Learn to adapt your presentation to the target audience Having to talk about what you are doing means. being able to Cambodia WhatsApp Data  articulate a speech. according to the target audience. When you are developing a massive product for a B2C (business-to-consumer) market, where potentially anyone would be your customer, it is often easier to explain what it is about and what benefits it has. However, when you are in a market where the client is a company in a specific context, you will have to adapt the pitch to each audience.

With a bit of luck, the jury of a contest is working in a company

And has been through the problem you are .mentioning, so they understand perfectly what it is about. As semi-finalists in the Entrepreneurship contest organized by and , we precisely found ourselves with a specialized jury since is a technology company. and   Philippines Whatsapp Number  talking about usability, user experience and. testing is part of the business for them. 2. Practice your pitch and the art of making a good presentation in front of a panel of investors To the extent that you are participating in various startup contests, you will realize that your pitch will never again be what it was at the beginning. Nor will it be identical in each contest since th.e evaluation criteria are different. Carefully review the bases and criteria to design your pitch accordingly. Do not confuse the pitch presented to a jury with a sales speech.

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