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They intrinsically have different objectives and. Target different audiences. 3. Get feedback about the idea and business. Model in almost all contests .There is an instance of feedback. If it is not something formal and you do not know. Why you were not selected or did not win, insist. On knowing what happened and ask for feedback. And listen to what they say to you and to others. Once you’ve received feedback, filter and work to improve your presentation, pitch, idea articulation, business model, and everything else. Don’t take everything they tell you at face value, learn to filter, but have the humility to recognize what you need to improve and the ability to adapt.

One of the best instances of feedback we had was at week

They had seen several ventures based on a. Crowdsource model, part of our initial idea, and they transmitted to us a series of super-valuable. Observations that only experience can give you. 4. Formalize the business and organize accounting for an early-stage startup, formalizing is not an objective in itself. What’s more, entrepreneurs tend to focus on doing what they are passionate Canada WhatsApp Data  about: taking. On clients/ongoing projects and developing their business. Many do not see formalization as necessary and many times it is not necessary before starting to sell. Or separating personal expenses from company expenses.

Earning a fund is a tremendous opportunity to organize

Yourself since you must comply with a series. Of formalities that, beyond the apparent .Bureaucracy, will help you better monitor the business. The  Thailand Whatsapp Number   first formal instance to do accounting follow-up came when I won the bee capital from small fund for entrepreneurial women. The good thing is that the executive designated to follow up helped me a lot by demystifying concepts and procedures that were not really a priority but were necessary. The funds go away, the learning remains. 5. Find a mentor our participation in wayra week allowed us to meet tomás from reqlut, who little by little became our mentor.

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